FAQ (frequently asked questions)

MOONLESS - 28.11.20

What time will you release?

  • The launch will take place at 18:00 GMT (UK Time), we would recommend sitting on the home page from 17:45 GMT.

Do you need a password to access the product page and buy the shoes?

  • No, the stock will be activated at 18:00 GMT. Please refresh the page at the time of release and add the product to your basket.

Will anything else be dropping on the 28th of November 2020?

  • No, only the moonless shoe will be available.

How many can i buy per order and will you do anything to stop bots?

  • There will be a limit of 1 pair per customer to make it fair for everyone.

How much do the shoes cost?

  • The shoes will retail at £100.

Will the shoes come with any extras?

  • Yes, moonless will come with an extra set of exuberant orange laces with matte black lace-tips. The first 100 legitimate orders (we'll be keeping an eye on those bots) will get a limited edition numbered pin badge.


I don't know my UK size, do you have a size conversion chart?

What is the size range?

  • UK3 to UK13.

How do the shoes fit?

  • The shoes fit true-to-size.

Do you have half-sizes?

  • No, we are only able to offer full UK sizes at the moment.

I’m between sizes, is it best to size up or down?

  • If you are between sizes, we recommend to size up to the nearest full size. Please check the size chart on the product page for further information.

Is the sizing of the shoes the same as the first drop?

  • Pretty much, moonless fits slightly bigger than the previous drop, there’s more volume inside the shoes in some of the bigger sizes.

What is the stock looking like?

  • We have enough for about 2.5% of our Instagram followers, you can do the maths.

Is the shipping cost included in the price?

  • No, shipping costs will be calculated at checkout.


Do you ship worldwide and how much does it cost?

  • Yes we ship worldwide, 48 hour shipping within the UK is £5. Costs will vary across the rest of the world, but we have a great deal with our fulfilment company. It'll be affordable, don't worry!

How will the shoes be shipped?

  • Shoes will be double-boxed to make sure they arrive safely.

Will there be a way to pre-input my address and payment information before the drop?

  • Not this time around but it's something we're working on, 6pm be quick.

Will you offer returns if the shoes don’t fit or are damaged?

  • Yes, please see our return policy for more details.

Will you have any restocks in the future?

  • No, once the shoe is sold-out they are gone.

Will you have more shoes coming out in the future?

  • Of course. But for now, just moonless..